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Things "Heroes" Are Not Allowed to Do's Journal
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Friday, June 8th, 2007
12:46 am
22. I am not related to Nathan Petrelli.
* Okay, so it's entirely possible that I am.

23. Not allowed to take Micah Sanders along when I play the slots.
* Or Hiro when I play Roulette.
* Or Peter for either.
Thursday, March 8th, 2007
9:27 pm
21. Do NOT touch Peter's hair
*Even if you are Claire
*Exception for Sylar, Peter's brother ;D who is allowed to do brotherly things like that.
Sunday, March 4th, 2007
10:33 pm
f20. When you suffer from a split persona, when she sleeps take advantage to annoying and entertain:

-Put pictures on your husbands pillow
-Eat foods so when your persona wakes she is gassy and bloated
-Write the shopping list on the back of your husband's head
-Hide your sons homework
-Hide the milk behind the radiator and let them deal with finding it
-TP the house
-Shave your head
-Draw a line down the center of your husbands head so it looks like a butt
-Shave one eyebrow
-Put plastic wrap in the doorways
-Burn all the clothes in your home
-Burn down the house
-Prank call Linderman

(Join in!)

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, February 15th, 2007
11:54 pm
18. Nothing good has ever followed the phrase "Hey, watch this!"
* Just because Claire did it, doesn't make it a good idea.
* In matters of personal safety, Claire is probably NOT the best role model.

19. Not allowed to attempt to trade Micah Sanders for any of the following: Candy, booze, weapons, information, a subway pass.
* No, not even if he was being a smart-ass.
11:32 pm
17. Peter cutting his hair will NOT interfere with his powers, "like Samson," and I need to stop telling him that it will.
* Probably not, anyway.
11:24 pm
16. "That time of the month" is NOT an excuse to rip people in half, shoot people, break things, or "blow shit up."
* Especially not if you're male.
10:58 pm
15. When you spot Niki or Jessica Sanders approach with caution
*Especially if you are her husband
*Because then your ass is grass
*Check her back for a tattoo
*Though if she covers it and acts like she was hit in the head
*Even if that fooled her son
*Who could usually tell when Jessica was there
*Though sadly the man who has known her longer and has been with her and is married to her can't tell in the slightest
*What does that say about DL?
*That poor dumb and hot SOB
10:45 pm
13. "Non-flammable" is NOT a challenge.
* Meredith
* You too, Peter.

14. If the thought of something makes me giggle for longer than ten seconds, I am not allowed to do it.
* If the thought of something makes Jessica giggle for longer than ten seconds, alert the others. Immediately.
10:19 pm
12. Do not say Mohinder makes bad choices.
*even though he didn't believe Peter was a hero
*and he formed an alliance with Sylar
*and he wore the most fugly scarf I have ever seen       
Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
6:55 pm
11. Do not imply that Peter is a dirty pervert and would do anything that moved.
*Because it is completely untrue.
*Especially when it comes to his niece.
*And his brother.
*And the hobo guy.
*And the painter.
*And... oh hell, he is a dirty pervert.
6:47 pm
10. Do not refer to Claude as the Doctor.
*Even if he does greatly resemble the Ninth one.
*Okay, you can, just not to his face.
*Not that you would be able to see his face technically.
*Don't make make any Insivible Man jokes either. He might try to strangle you.
*No, it's really not okay if he does.
*Even though he did it to Peter.
7:41 pm
9. Do not call Ted a "Caveman"
*Though he may look like one
*He might like "Neandertal" better
*He would be fun to hang out with
*Though it may kill you
*Either slowly or fast depending on how much you piss him off
7:30 pm
8. I will not refer to Simone as "skankbag" or rub it in that a 15-year-old cheerleader from Texas had more sexual tension with Peter than she did, despite the fact that she and Peter did the nasty.
* Yes, it was nasty.
* No, she does not deserve it.
* Okay, yes, she does deserve it.
* Just don't say it to her face.
7:13 pm

7. Not allowed to seduce Sylar.
* No, he is not crazy-hot.
* Okay, so he is crazy-hot. Does not make it okay to bone the brain-hungry serial killer.

5:09 pm
Just to get the ball rolling...
Things Heroes Are Not Allowed to Do...

1. Peter Petrelli is NOT 'da bomb,' and I will refrain from jokes implying that he is.
* Especially in front of Congressman Petrelli.
* No, not even if Claude did it first.
* For God's sake, if Claude told you to jump off a 30-story building...wait, never mind.
2. Crucifixes do not ward off Congressman Petrelli, and I may not test this theory.
* No matter what Peter or Claire said.
* It's worth a try on Simone, though.
3. Not allowed to suggest to Peter that he 'do the cheating skankbag one better' by meeting me up on the roof.
4. Not allowed to sing that 'Uncle Fucker' song from the South Park movie around Claire as it is neither true nor funny.
* Okay, so it is true, but it's still not funny.
* Okay, so it's hilarious. Doesn't make it right.
5. When Claire says 'I have heard every possible joke about my bio-mom being hot,' she does not mean it as a challenge.
6. Pants are not optional.
* For anyone.
* Neither are shirts.
* Peter, Nathan, and Isaac are exceptions.
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