Tessa (frellingblonde) wrote in forbbidenheroes,

Just to get the ball rolling...

Things Heroes Are Not Allowed to Do...

1. Peter Petrelli is NOT 'da bomb,' and I will refrain from jokes implying that he is.
* Especially in front of Congressman Petrelli.
* No, not even if Claude did it first.
* For God's sake, if Claude told you to jump off a 30-story building...wait, never mind.
2. Crucifixes do not ward off Congressman Petrelli, and I may not test this theory.
* No matter what Peter or Claire said.
* It's worth a try on Simone, though.
3. Not allowed to suggest to Peter that he 'do the cheating skankbag one better' by meeting me up on the roof.
4. Not allowed to sing that 'Uncle Fucker' song from the South Park movie around Claire as it is neither true nor funny.
* Okay, so it is true, but it's still not funny.
* Okay, so it's hilarious. Doesn't make it right.
5. When Claire says 'I have heard every possible joke about my bio-mom being hot,' she does not mean it as a challenge.
6. Pants are not optional.
* For anyone.
* Neither are shirts.
* Peter, Nathan, and Isaac are exceptions.
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